Dr. Singha’s Mustard Bath

Mustard seeds and their Medicinal use have been around since Biblical times. In Ayurvedic Medicine, Mustard Baths have been traditionally used for detoxification and purification. In many parts of the world Mustard is well-known for its therapeutic value when used as a Mustard Pack, a Mustard Plaster or a Mustard Bath in helping to increase circulation, oxygenation and the elimination of toxins. The outward application contributes to general well-being by activating the largest organ of elimination in the body, THE SKIN, so helping to reduce the toxic load stored in tissues throughout the body. Dr. Singha said: “There are 4 stages of nutrition:
assimilation and
and….of these 4, elimination is the most important. No elimination……no assimilation.”

Being a strongly alkaline bath, Dr. Singha’s Mustard Bath also assists in restoring the correct pH to the body. (Please see the article on pH balancing in our ‘Of Interest’ category)

Dr. Shyam Singha not only practised Acupuncture, Osteopathy and Ayurvedic Natural Medicine in England for over 40 years, but he also created the first Acupuncture School in the U.K in 1964. He had three treatment centers in London and an extraordinary Holistic Residential Retreat Center deep in the countryside of Suffolk. Every clinic sold his Mustard Bath formula. He taught people how to Fast using Monofasts (eg. eating 5-7 pounds of a specific fruit for a prescribed number of days for the most part). His Mustard Bath was frequently used in conjunction with the Fasts to assist in the elimination of acid waste and other toxic matter that accumulates in the organ tissues. The Sodium Carbonate base provides a potent alkaline medium to assist in the restoration of a healthy body pH. The essential oils of Wintergreen, Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Thyme were carefully chosen for their therapeutic benefits to help reduce nerve pain, assist breathing and provide general antiseptic properties.

Dr. Singha’s masterful combination of ingredients leaves the skin feeling rejuvenated, radiant, re-conditioned, soft and open.

This Original Mustard Bath Formula has been available in the U.S. since 1990. More and more it has become part of the Holistic Medicine First Aid Kit in a multitude of Preventive Health households. We have received grateful appreciation consistently over the years from its users. People with aches and pains, skin problems, breathing difficulties, sleeping irregularities and so on continue to immerse themselves in this effective bath product.

Dr. Singha’s Original Mustard Bath Formula, with aromatic essential oils, is available in Health Food and Grocery Stores, Spas and Medical Treatment Centers throughout North America and increasingly overseas. It can be purchased online at DrSingha.com where we have deeply discounted on-going “Specials”, or call us at 800-856-2862 for immediate Retail and Wholesale assistance.

If you also benefit from Dr. Singha’s Mustard Bath or Mustard Rub please write us a testimonial and send it to testimonals@drsingha.com. Thank you.

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