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Grilled Oranges Diet



Interview with the late Dr. Shyam Singha at the Humaniversity in Holland

Out of all the pharmaceutic drugs there are only about ten that are specific, such as iodine, thyroxine, insulin, and penicillin. All other medication is non-specific. They are general-spectrum, which means that they bombard everything. There is not a single drug the pharmaceutics have produced that doesn’t have a side effect. When you keep giving general-spectrum antibiotics for small infections, streptococcus, coughs, viral influenza, bronchial difficulties, cystitis, it has serious consequences.

General-spectrum antibiotics don’t only destroy the harmful bacteria – they also destroy the anabolic bacteria, such as the acidophilous and bifidus bacteria in the colon. These are vital in the body’s immune system. They produce all kinds of anti-cholesterols and vitamins. A healthy person should have around 2 kg of those bacteria. The average Westerner doesn’t have more than ½ kg. We get infected more easily.

I don’t mean to say that antibiotics are not needed. When somebody gets run over by a truck, and all kind of dirt and rubbish have gone into the body, then is a question of life and death. Then we have to use general-spectrum. The danger is in using drugs for every small purpose.

Question: Shyam, one of your most famous diets is the Grilled (Broiled) Orange Diet. Where does the idea of using grilled oranges for healing purposes come from?

SHYAM: I heard about it from a Chinese monk. In China and Japan, when somebody got infected, they would use two things. One is a twenty-year old Chinese egg – rotten. They would cut in pieces, and put it in the food. It was a natural antibiotic. Also, they would put oranges in the charcoal fire, and give them to somebody who couldn’t digest anything and had a bad infection.

Question: How do the grilled oranges work?

SHYAM: The story goes like this. When you grill an orange, the vitamin C in the juice and the vitamin P (Bioflavanoids) in the white of the orange will mingle. The heat does not destroy the vitamin C because the P protects it. Grilled oranges are anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-infectious and anti-flux

(= worms like ring or tape worms).

With the grilled oranges you are giving to the body something rich enough in vitamin C and fructose to keep the body going, and at the same time it takes away the work of the stomach acid, the juices of the pancreas, and the bile of the gall bladder, and the filtering functions of the liver. They are having a holiday. The grilled orange is going straight from the stomach into the intestines, and from there into the blood stream.

The healing effects come first of all from the fasting, and secondly from the vitamin C and P mixture. All this increases the body’s ability to throw out whatever virus, bacteria, germ or worm that has been invading.

The name of the diseases make no difference. Whether it is Hepatitis A, flu or herpes – doesn’t matter. We are trying to get rid of all the viruses and bacteria.

Question: Did you have any success with the diet?

SHYAM: With the grilled orange diet I must have cured something like five hundred people of herpes of any type, ten to twenty cases of genital herpes, maybe two hundred cases of NSU (=non-specific urethritis), and two cases of Hepatits C so far.

Sangitama, Shyam’s student, has introduced the Grilled Orange Diet at the Humaniversity, as a way of cleaning out your entire system. Many people in the Community, including Veeresh, have followed the diet. Here are some of their comments:

“In 1974, Shyam put me through a similar process. I called it Spring Cleaning. Now, twenty year later, I thought it was time to do it again. First I was resistant, but every day it felt better. I feel real good now, and I see that this experiment will help me to stay healthy.”


“I felt very fresh, re-vitalized – more alive and light. It felt good to clean out my body of poisons. Because I did it together with friends, it was easier to keep going. For anybody who wants to do this diet, I would recommend to create a Grilled Orange Gang, and do a cleaning out party every four months.”


“The diet changed my whole system. I had been suffering from sweaty feet for years, but just as side-effect of the diet, my feet are not sweaty anymore. Also, the skin irritations I had around the knees and on the upper legs went. Altogether I feel better and lighter in my body”




You can grill (broil) the oranges in the oven. You cut the oranges in half. The white has to be mushy, so that the vitamins of the flesh and the skin can mix. The cut part has to become brown on the top – like a cinnamon topping. You have to scoop out the oranges and not suck them. Biological (Organic) oranges should be used, because the grilling loosens the toxins that are in the skin. Sometimes the oranges become bitter from being heated up. That is likely to happen with Navel oranges, which have more white. Bitters are blood-purifiers and appetizers in all medicine. (Organic Valencia oranges work well too.)


1 -2 WEEKS

You only eat grilled oranges (16 per day).


You have 4 oranges for breakfast, and raw food during the day.


You have 4 grilled oranges for breakfast, raw food for lunch and a cooked evening meal.

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