What it takes to heal oneself

In response to a close family member……

These questions you have asked me for your friend will take time to answer. However if your friend needs more science or whatever then you need to tell her to google the info. It’s all out there. This link I have sent you should be interesting for starters about turmeric.

In fact, I would love to answer your real question as deeply as I possibly can because that is my passion. When you are working to get the body to heal itself in a crisis you have to use the whole tool box…ie. bring out the big guns in order to restore chi otherwise known as lifeforce. This means..major anti-oxidants, balance the pH, eliminate the toxins, parasites, heavy metals, increase the oxygen, remove interference fields, raise the cell resonance and provide powerful nutrition to restore integrity in the organs and tissues. For each person it’s a totally personal journey because each person has their own story of how they got to the point they’re at.

At the bottom of it all is ‘intention’ and that wonderful word ‘YES’. When that is present all is possible. Even then, it may be a person’s choice to leave their body for whatever reason. However, if someone wants to live totally, like you, then the mystery that we call ‘life’, brings infinite knowledge and wisdom to the rescue. To know the ‘Way’ requires passion, enquiring minds, deep intuition and a whole lot of patience and then when clarity comes a deep trust and total willingness to act. We were blessed in your situation with all of these attributes.

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